Josh Hadley, Charley McMullen and The Cat take another headlong trip into the world of insane news.

The man that beheaded his mother for “nagging” him.

A man that decided to smoke crack IN THE ICU while connected to oxygen… and you can guess there was an assplosion.

In this new world of legalized weed, should newspaper gardening columns give tips on growing pot?

Oprah (net worth of 2.9 BILLION dollars) asking people to work for her for free… sorry for “the experience and exposure”.

Hart Fisher going off on the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

New York City police refusing to work as police to shame the Mayor and it kind of backfiring on them.

An attack on tape, admitted to by the attackers and the police are “still investigating” since this was black people attacking a white girl.

Music by Lesbian Bed Death, Liquid Dreams and Sacred Reich.

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