02-21-22 – Episode 192

Holy shit, Charley showed up this week to help Josh and Cat dredge the nutball stories of the week.
Krispy Kreme does not seem to understand that “KKK Wednesday’s” (the Krispy Kreme Klub) is not a good promotion.
A woman shoots herself in the head while adjusting her bra holster. I can’t improve on that headline.
An out of work hairdresser wielding an ax burns down a porno store for god. That really says it all.
Rudy Giuliani and his racism… he sucks.
Gene Alday thinks blacks get “mad welfare checks” but he is most definitely not a racist since this was said ‘off the record’.
Hart Fisher talks about the Mad Mobster con in Chicago.
Texas wants to rewrite (literally) history books to take out the parts that make America look bad since teaching those parts to kids fails to teach “American Exceptionalism”.
Oklahoma wants to ban any teaching of (non christian) “ideological views” including evolution.
We then discuss how the Bill O’rielly lies effect the very ideal of “journalism”. Where is the credibility, where is the accountability and why is there a false equivalency when someone on the left lies and someone on the right lies?
Music by Bad Religion, The Black Nasty and Robert Moniot.