03-14-15 – Episode 194

Sadness reigns supreme as Charley returns this week to aid Cat and Josh in their quest to understand this cruel, crazy world.

Hall & Oats are suing a granola company over their variety “Hauilin Oats”. God this is dumb.

Colorado police want to still bust potheads despite it being legal.

Florida mandates that officials of the state environmental protection bans the term “Climate Change”. Seriously.

Google is thinking of rating websites based on accuracy… Faux News has problems with this.

John Borowski joins Hart Fisher for this weeks Hart Attack to discuss how Kickstarter is censoring projects.

Republicans hate Spock… because Obama liked him. Assholes.

A California Lawyer has the “Sodomite Suppression Act” on the ballot. He wants gays shot in the head lest America face the wrath of god.

Another Republican (what a surprise) wants to make it legal to
discriminate against the gays.

More O’Reilly is caught lying again and now his entire past is coming unraveled.

Music by Minor Threat, Overkill and The Plasmatics