Josh, Charley and Cat delve head deep into the pile of bullshit that is our world.

Ted Cruz is under the delusion that he could be president of the
United States… yet he is telling everyone go to… which is actually owned by an Obama supporter. MORON.

Cat brings us a year old story (oops) about Jagermeister poisoning everyone at their own party. Well thought out guys.

A California man literally eats shit on the stand to prove he was
insane… because the virgin Mary told me to do it.

A man on a Southwest Airlines flight was kicked off the plane for having the word “Fuck” on his shirt… is that a violation of freedom of speech or decency?

A black business woman was institutionalized for being insane because the police and the doctors could not fathom that she was really the head of Citibank, I mean how could a black woman really be there? I mean she HAS to be nuts right?

Hart Fisher is going on about Nestle stealing all of California’s water.

The Brooklyn IL police were raided by federal agencies this for
massive counts of corruption. Rampart again?

The Colorado baby cutter was only the beginning of this horrible story… Colorado republicans are now jumping on this story to push anti-abortion propaganda… sigh I guess there really is no bottom they will not drop below.

Indiana Religious Freedom Bill fallout… round one.

An Ohio Republican thinks that gays are the same as slave owners… good people that made bad choices. WHAT?

Music by Body Count, Shriekback and Plan 9

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