Cat and Josh are flying solo (duo?) again as Charley is out this week.

A Drexel University Law Professor accidentally sent all of her
students a pornhub link about a girl who REALLY likes anal beads.

Taco Bell is thinking of adding a delivery option… is this really necessary?

A man claims that he should not be charged with bestiality because he was only jerking it off to get it’s sperm to impregnate his friends dog.

The US Justice Dept had to send out a memo reminding ALL Justice Dept employees that prostitution is illegal… as I guess this is still an issue.

An 8 Track tape caused a SWAT Team and Bomb Squad reaction in Sacramento. Yes, an 8 Track tape.

A Russian millionaire is offering a million dollars if you can live to 123 years of age. Pretty sure you would not give a shit about a million dollars if are happen to be 123.

A woman called the Suffolk County Times and insisted they were wrong in using the word “thier”. No, I didn’t spell that wrong, that is the spelling she insists is right.

Hart Fisher has issues with the “free range children” being taken from their parents for being CHILDREN.

Yes, we have to talk about the South Carolina police shooting. We look at the case itself, the actions of Slagger’s laywer and the racists who think that Slagger did the right thing. Sigh…

Another case of corrupt police beating a 17 year old autistic boy and then deleting the video of this from the phone… all the while saying they never did this at all. Guess what? The video was recoverable. Oops.

Music by Garbage, Faith No More and Body Count

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