A “Scifi” night being catered by Mexican food is seen as racist…
illegal ALIENS… get it… OH FUCK OFF.

A man in Florida decided to kiss a cottonmouth snake, if we are
talking about it you know this didn’t end well.

In Michigan a man does not think that hanging a noose from his tree along with a confederate flag is racist in the least. Uh huh.

Parmia Missouri had 80% of the staff, the police and the city
commission resign as the first black mayor is elected… but it’s
totally not due to her being the first black mayor, nope it due to
her… being the first black mayor.

Kinlock Missouri has their own issues… with the new mayor being “impeached” the day before she takes office… why? Because the sheriff and the city attorney are being investigated for massive corruption and they dont’ want her to look into the books. Sigh.

Hart Fisher has issues with a video of a model wearing a mirror mask being assaulted and no one doing anything about it.

Want to smell like a deceased loved one? There is a company that will do this for you now… so you can “remember” your loved one by having their “essence” diluted into a fragrance.

A “swingers club” in Nashville is now being designated a church to get around a zoning loop hole.

A Texas pregnant Popeye’s employee got robbed at gunpoint… and the owner is demanding that she repay the money that was stolen. Yeah, we have issues with this.

The Republicans are having a discussion whether “second amendment remedies” might be necessary if they lose the next election. They are such fucking bad losers.

A pastor calls another pastor ” a traitor to their faith”… why?
Because the second pastor does NOT call for the death of fags.

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