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I am a harsh film critic with no sense of subtlety or tact. I tend to love non-mainstream films, not out of a sense of ‘rebellion’ or non-conformity but out of the sense that most of what is popular is shit and that by definition the mainstream will be MAINSTREAM and therefore useless. I am easily approachable and I love to hear feedback from people, both positive (lies) and negative (truth) so please, call me out on the stupid shit I say and do.

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  • RandyPan

    This guy’s complaining about being a virgin at TWENTY-FUCKING-TWO, and not being able to get with SORORITY GIRLS? Fuck this emo little bitch! I’m glad he’s dead and burning in hell! And he has an annoying laugh.

  • facebook_timo.takalo.7

    Unfortunately women being prone to violence and that fact being ignored is nothing new. In the 1970s Erin Pizzey, the woman who founded the first shelters for abused women, realized that women did just as much abusing as being abused in relationships. When she expressed this in public, she became under attack by militant feminists. This included death threats against her and her family and killing her dog. To me that seems to ironically demonstrate how women can be just as violent as men.