Cat, Charley and Josh have another week of bullshit to wade through.

Creationist Ken Hamm thinks if aliens exist, they are going to hell since they are not created by god.

A school in Minneapolis took it’s sex education class to a porno store to help demonstrate sex toys… some parents have issues with this.

The TPP wants to farm out our food safety to other countries… yeah, nothing will go wrong with this.

Hart Fisher thinks that a lying government is nothing new.

A woman in Huston found that her breast cancer doctor put her naked “before” and “after” pictures online… she is very angry.

Wisconsin might be the first state to make it legal for a man to sue a woman who gets an abortion.

A man in a Stormtrooper costume outside a school (with a fake gun) is accosted by the cops and thinks that everyone is overreacting to a man in body armor with what looks like a gun outside a school…

A Wisconsin Zoo had visitors sneak into a STAFF ONLY area, stick their hands into the cages of a wolf pack, get bite and now the wolves are getting put down for this. THIS IS SO FUCKING WRONG.

Dr. Seuess made some VERY racist paintings in his day and they are now up for sale, some think that the news is “sullying” his name by making something out of his painting “Nigger for your woodpile”.

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