06-27-15 – Episode 209 WTF

Charley is back (I guess I can’t do anything to keep him away), Cat is always here and Josh is the ringleader of this circus of freaks.

Charley starts us off with a story of how he made a dollar… and it’s not how you think.

In Wales thieves stole $19,000 worth of cookies. That is alot of cookies.

In Florida, people are kind of pissed that there is a yard sale with mostly childrens toys being run at a sex offender halfway house.

Rick Santorm thinks that women who get pregnant due to rape are getting a gift from god as a way to make up for getting raped. Yeah, he really said that.

Hart Fisher is still worried about the TPP

A Utah baseball team had to cancel their “Caucasian Heritage Night”.

The right wing won’t say that the South Carolina massacre is race based… they just won’t say it… why?

Finally we deal with the issue of the confederate flag (a flag for losers).

Music by Precious Metal, Black Flag and Mojo Nixon