The full cast is back… Charley decided to show up for a change to help Cat and Josh.

Unpopable Bubble Wrap, some evil fucker made bubble wrap you can’t pop.

“Fucking Bullshit” scrolled along a TV interview with Hulk Hogan for a full 6 minutes. Someone got fired but we think they should have gotten a pat on the back.

In San Fransisco a news crew was robbed while doing a live shot… for the second time.

Chicago has a “Cloud Tax” which will make Netflix and any streaming service more expensive in the city. No way this backfires right?

Hart’s talks to his Mom… trust me, it’s really good.

Univision is dropping Trump for his racist comments and he is suing them over it.

The Satanic Temple pulls their statue after the OK supreme court ruled the 10 commandments are not allowed. Faux News thinks that means The Satanic Temple lost the fight.

Supreme Court Ruling on the environment says it’s just too EXPENSIVE to be environmental so fuck it.

Overtime is part of entitlement culture according to Faux news.

Music by Jello Biafra and the Melvins, Scatterbrain and Shades Of Green

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