Another week, another drowning in bullshit.

Cat is back this week as Charley and I do this.

Target is in trouble again… this time over the selling of a girls t-shirt with the word “Trophy” on it.

Ashley Madison has been hacked and the hackers threaten to release the private info of all the users unless Ashley Madison shuts down. Since Ashley Madison is a website for infidelity this has lots of people clenching their assholes.

Drag Queens are being banned from Gay Pride parades… for fear that they will offend trans peoples. I wish I were making this up.

In the Aurora theater shooting, an alternate juror worth a Metallica “Ride The Lightning” shirt to court… which is a man in a chair being electrocuted. Yeah, this is an issue.

Hart is out for the next 2 weeks, so Pete is back and he goes off on Cecil the loins killer.

Scott Walker cut Wisconsin’s education budget by 250 Million… and gave a 250 Million dollar grant to the Milwaukee Bucks. Sports are good, smarts are bad.

A shark attacks a surfer on live television… so Faux News wants sharks killed (culled) before surfing competitions to protect humans. Fuck nature…

A man in LA is found dead… and he has an arsenal of unregistered weapons… and claimed he was an alien working with the CIA to protect earth from invasion. I love shit like this.

Neo Nazi’s are claiming that Obama hate is fueling a huge surge in membership. That’s sad.

Music by Faith No More, Iron Maiden and Plan 9

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