Original Air Date: 04-21-13

o.t.o. celebrates Silver Ash’s new single and welcomes Xio to the team officially on his first episode! We also find out the shocking revelation that not everyone worships Shuuji Isshi! Featuring the artists ZIZ, Ziyoou-Vachi, Tokusatsu, and Janne Da Arc!!

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Silver AshREBORN | REBORN 2013
P∽L – 信度 5 (shindo go) | アジアのシンボル (ASIA no Symbol) 2002
特撮(tokusatsu) – 爆弾ピエロ(bakudan piero) | ヌイグルマー (Nuiguruma) 2000
Janne Da Arc – Speed |  Dearly 1998
女王蜂(Ziyoou-Vachi) – デスコ(DISCO) | 孔雀 (Kujaku) 2011
ZIZKosmostill | GIFT 2012

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