Episode #010 – Girls that ROCK!! Vol 1.

Original Air Date: 06-09-13

MamaCass and Ev come back after a short hiatus to discuss some of their favorite female rock artists of Japan. Vol 1 in a continuing series on women that rock! Featuring Shiina Ringo, Aya, Tafuca Madara, and KokeshiDoll!


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椎名林檎(Shiina Ringo) – 罪と罰(Tsumi to Batsu) |勝訴ストリップ (Shoso Strip) 2000
亜矢(Aya) – Rabbi Doll | 戦場の華 (Senjou no Hana)2002
Liv Moon – Alchemy |  Symphonic Moon 2012
Tafuca Madara玉子焼きピクニック(tamago yaki picnic) | 真夏の夜の北風(manatsu no yoru no kitakaze) 2008
(Kara) – circular | 五月蠅(sabae) 2008
あふりらんぽ(Afrirampo) – あかんこのまま帰さない(akankonomama kaesa nai) | URUSA IN JAPAN 2005
こけしDoll(KokeshiDoll) – スウイサイドブギー(Suicide Boogie) | ピル子類(Pirokui) 2003
G-SchmittLSD | LSD 1985

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