Episode #014 – Kimchibilly?! A Look At Korean Rock Bands

Original Air Date: 09-22-13

MamaCass is joined by Alex this week to focus on Korean rock bands. We all know K-Pop is gaining ground here in a west but what about the heroes of rock in S. Korea? Spotlighting the groups The RockTigers, Cherry Filter, and Clazziquai Project! (Episode ran shorter than usual so we’ve included 2 bonus songs!)


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The TRAXParadox | Paradox 2004
Epik HighDon’t bate me | 99 2012
The RockTigersCry Baby | Rock N’ Roll License 2010
Cherry Filter – Romantic Cat |  Made in Korea 2002
Clazziquai ProjectFill this night | Color your soul 2005
YBStill You | Vol.8 Coexistence 2009
Crying NutUncomfortable Party | Uncomfortable Party 2009
The RockTigersKimchibilly | Rock N’ Roll License 2010
The RockTigersSex Machine | Come on Let’s go License 2003

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