Hart Attack hosts, Hart D. Fisher (#AmericanHorrors) and Josh Hadley (WTF & #Radiodrome) bring to light the latest bum rush by local paid political activists trying to remove vehicle lanes & parking spaces from a Class 2 highway & against the will of the local voters. Then things heat up in a discussion about the shut down of Foster Farms & Tyson foods, how many people got sick from tainted chicken from the plant vs. victims of terrorist attacks in the USA and the latest move by the United States Government to allow China to import chicken from the USA then sell it back the USA markets after it’s been turned into a cooked product & the petition to stop this in light of China’s appalling food safety record. Plus the latest on the poisoning of an entire state by an unregulated chemical maker & the pathetic response of safety regulators and the thousands of animals that have died because of this spill. Music by #Down, Third Stone & more!

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I am a harsh film critic with no sense of subtlety or tact. I tend to love non-mainstream films, not out of a sense of ‘rebellion’ or non-conformity but out of the sense that most of what is popular is shit and that by definition the mainstream will be MAINSTREAM and therefore useless. I am easily approachable and I love to hear feedback from people, both positive (lies) and negative (truth) so please, call me out on the stupid shit I say and do.

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