Hart Attack Episode #48 host Hart D. Fisher (#AmericanHorrors) goes it alone without Josh Hadley (WTF & #Radiodrome) this week to talk to filmmaker (Carrion, Ironhorse, Marblehead) Chris J. Miller to discuss the upcoming release of his future cult film, 2035: Forbidden Dimensions, and his hellish journey through the new American Healthcare system in a fight for his life as doctor after doctor nearly kills him and his own mother with their prescription drug mistakes. A very frightening & informative episode of Hart Attack with no music, just wall to wall oral outrage!

About The Author

I am a harsh film critic with no sense of subtlety or tact. I tend to love non-mainstream films, not out of a sense of ‘rebellion’ or non-conformity but out of the sense that most of what is popular is shit and that by definition the mainstream will be MAINSTREAM and therefore useless. I am easily approachable and I love to hear feedback from people, both positive (lies) and negative (truth) so please, call me out on the stupid shit I say and do.

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