Episode #058

Hart Attack Episode #58 brings a more conversational Hart D. Fisher (#AmericanHorrors, #BoneyardPress) who takes a break from yellin’ & screaming & instead kicks back with co-host Josh Hadley (Lost in the Static, #Radiodrome) and a couple of brewskis to discuss recent developments in Mr. Fisher’s budding acting career, his involvement in the upcoming National Geographic Channel’s 3 episode mini-series event, The 90’s: The Last Decade That Mattered? airing Sunday July 6th at 9pm (www.RuleThe90s.com), and new developments for American Horrors and Josh’s recent www.gofundme.com campaign to save his house. This is a VERY revealing episode full of all kinds of personal revelations, especially about Josh. Plus music by #AndrewWK, #Compulsion and more!