When a series goes on for a while sometimes cast changes (shocking cast changes) happen… Scott and Josh discuss this as well as revealing the the meaning of Scott’s recent countdown at the end of every episode.

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I am a harsh film critic with no sense of subtlety or tact. I tend to love non-mainstream films, not out of a sense of ‘rebellion’ or non-conformity but out of the sense that most of what is popular is shit and that by definition the mainstream will be MAINSTREAM and therefore useless. I am easily approachable and I love to hear feedback from people, both positive (lies) and negative (truth) so please, call me out on the stupid shit I say and do.

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  • I have to admit the first thing that came to mind when saw this title was Doctor Who, and also seemed apt that Scott’s summary of podcasts I feel applies too – everytime there is a new Doctor give them 10 episodes, as it’s always writen of them acting a bit like the previous Doctor and slowly coming into their own to help segue.

    Thought this was a great episode, and not just saying that because it’s the end of the Scott era, was really well thought out and the banter was great – and has always been nice when can just audibly hear Josh giggling away. And thank you for reminding me of some Maiden I had forgotten over the years!

    Goodbye to Scott, and thank you for the years of quality free radio I’ve had over here in the UK thanks to you both. Though haven’t always agreed with you both, even on the odd episode where I found myself passionately disagreeing, I came back most days just hoping there was more, ever since the 1st episode I heard where you had both started Mass Effect 2. It’s been great and really appreciated, and best of luck with you both! Look forward to seeing how this show changes now, but Scott will definitely never be forgotten!

  • Lai-Lai

    I’ve never responded well to cast replacements., especially not for franchise reboots or movie remakes.

    To me LitS is about Josh & Scott reminiscing about the past & disagreeing about media. With one of you out of the picture, you might as well pick a new title & call it a different show.

    I also have to disagree with both of you & say that the first few years of this show were by far the most entertaining. I also preferred the other show when Ed was on it.