What the fuck is it that you are celebrating this week? The America that you think exists is a lie perpetrated by smooth charlatans and the criminally insane as an effort to placate the masses while they ransack everything around you. America is not a land of the free, America is a wasteland of corporate rule, America is not a land of the brave, America is proving ground for the criminal elite.

blind-patriotism50 MILLION Americans live below the poverty line in 2014, let that number sink in for a moment, 50 MILLION people in America don’t know where their next meal is coming from, don’t know if they will have a place to sleep tonight nor if they will even see a new tomorrow. 50 Million. How the hell can you claim that America is “the greatest country in the world” when graft and off the books deals are the only way that anything gets done in congress or even in everyday life? America runs on bribes and they are not even hiding the fact that these payouts are bribes anymore which I guess is progress, that they are open to the fact that America is a corrupt whore covered in sore and long past her use by date that is willing to sell itself to the highest bidder all for just a taste of what someone else does not have. Do you really think anyone has the slightest notion of helping those 50 million people or will they just help themselves to a little more indulgence?

If you think that America stands for any of the bullshit that you are erroneously taught in schools as the “truth” then you are not only blind and ignorant but you exist in a blissful pastiche of lies piled upon lies which culminate in a country that collapsed under it’s own bloat long ago. America as a democracy is a perpetrated and measured lie the same as promising not to cum in her mouth, you know it sounds good and it will stay any negative action but you never intended it to be truthful in any way. America was never a democracy, it couldn’t be, a real democracy simply can not exist as the word Democracy requires the stature of “for the people, by the people” and as we know people are inherently corrupt and will always sell out their fellow man if given half a chance. We know this and yet we play out this long con of a blatant marionette show where we elect (in a rigged system) “representatives” that speak for THE PEOPLE all the while we know, WE KNOW, these “representatives” are in the pockets of big business, take kickbacks in the form of the aforementioned bribes and have contrived the system in such a way that a game of mousetrap seems almost charming. Gerrymandering, lobbying, unlimited contributions and general backroom deals are all just how the game is played today and with Citizens United as a factor this all just gets worse and worse.

90358030-plutocracy-nowSince now corporations are people and have the same “rights” as the rest of us, I ask why don’t they have the same limits as the rest of us too? When a hostile takeover guts a company and fires it’s staff… why are they not a serial killer? If an individual did that to another person they would be, why not a corporation? They lobbied for this and you can’t have it both ways, if you as a corporate entity have “rights” then you have responsibilities as well. You don’t get to have the good parts of being a person and evade the bad parts. If I killed the 13 (known) people that GM has I would be a mass murderer so why is GM, as a corporate person, not on trial for the knowing deaths it has caused? Oh I know why, because they have very powerful friends in the government who they paid a great deal that look out for them. Every law, every specific thing and every moment of American life is bought and paid for by a small portion of those who indulge the base urges of man for narcissistic gains. This is not some bullshit unseen force such an the Illuminati, this is real and right out in the open… Citizens United simply gave a face to what was always there.

Wake up and see that every move you make, every decision before you is effected by, if not subtlety influenced by, this corrupted system that you proclaim to love and adore. America was never what you wanted it to be nor will America ever achieve in reality the claims it has on paper. America is and was always a plutocracy from day one with no intention of ever being anything but… and that is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated by mankind, that of selling you a democracy all while making you think that this democracy was not the plutocracy intended and achieved. If you really think that America was ever some ideal place of freedom and justice ask a black man, or a gay man, or a jewish man, or a latino woman or hell just any woman exceeding the age of 60.

Peasants-for-Plutocracy-by-Michael-Dal-Cerro-1Patriot is just another word for an indoctrinated puppet disposed of at the first sign of thinking for oneself. What is the first thing true patriots do? They get lined up and shot. Patriotism is a self styled delusion where a country is worth more than life itself. Hollow pawns in epic game with the stakes being to die for oil… to die for country… to die for freedom… to die protecting the dictatorship masquerading as a plutocracy further posing as a mutated democracy. A facade of freedom peeled back revealing the foreskin of a withered and long dead husk of a deceased ideal of what democracy once meant. Damn all of you that have swallowed this the grandest deception of all time even eclipsing that of the christian myth. I feel we have all become numb to the very idea of what America should be and have created a callus to cover the wound of betrayal we have been fed since birth.

One nation
Under the corporations
Freedom for none

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