How is a Single Act a Cultural One


“Rape Culture”!!!  As I type that word you picture a very horrific image do you not?  Now though, what if I demonstrated to you that the very horrific image in your head were a lie?

I spoke last week about CULTure (add link to last week) and how cult is a provocative segment of that word despite the disparate meanings when separated, lets us look now at the pseudo culture of rape that is used as a scapegoat for those without properly defined arguments. As I did last week I will first give you the actual definition of culture:

noun: culture

the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.


Now, with the definition of culture established, let us look at the so called “rape culture” of today. I recently witnessed a slap-fight between a feminist hardliner and my dear editor* here Alex Jowski over “rape culture”. The feminist in question was spouting all of the normal nonsense about how pop culture is an excuse and even a trigger or justification for “rape culture” blah blah blah.  I am quoting here “I mean, dudes saying rape culture doesn’t exist is like white people saying racism is over. Which they often do. So there ya go.”.  Alex attempted to inject some thoughtful discussion about this to which Mrs. (or should be be Ms.) Sanctimonious Feminist Who Refuses To Debate Using Facts instead chose to simply repeat the ‘Picard Facepalm’ to everything Jowski said. She would not even debate the issue, just said her point and was in starch refusal allowing no dissenting thoughts to creep in. Now, do not confuse my using Jowski’s remarks as anything other than an example, as we all know I hate to actually defend this man as I loathe him but in this case he was not the one acting like a little child… or an indoctrinated automaton.  Before we get into the issue proper though I want to applaud Mrs. (or Ms. as I am sure she would insist on being tagged) for going to the hail mary right off the bat by using the racism shot at the same time.  This way if you dispute her claim you are therefore not only a rape endorser but also a racist.  When they wield the racism card this early even they know they have no valid argument.

The reason there is even an issue about “rape culture” is that feminists like to trot that term out due to the power that it falsely engenders. The term carries with it an image of something both unreal and completely erroneous at it’s very core yet powerful and damning. “Rape Culture” as (mis)used by the popular mediums is:

“Rape culture is a concept which links rape and sexual violence to the culture of a society, and in which prevalent attitudes and practices normalize, excuse, tolerate, or even condone rape.”


Now, assuming all things being equal and balanced… that fallacious description above (which is not a definition, merely a description) would be accurate… but all things are not equal nor are all things balanced thereby making that description false and misleadingly so. Does rape exist?  Of course it does.  Is rape a major problem? Indeed it is. Does our culture (using the dictionary definition of culture) engender rape into it’s culture? Hell no!

Rape is an atrocious act, one of loathing and contempt for human feeling and one that no person deserves to have inflicted upon them and no, I do not deny the rather feminist redefining of rape to that of power and not sex, that is undeniable, but rather I deny that rape is engrained into our culture (speaking of the US only here as that is the only culture I have authority to speak to). Rape is rarely about sex and most often about dominance, so why is rape then so often equated with the hyper-sexualization of American culture? One of the major tenants of “rape culture” is that allowing for pornography and sexualization in the mainstream only increases the act of rape or at the very least the culture that breeds it. Unbiased studies have shown again and again that sexualization and access to pornography have no link to those whom commit rape. Correlative and experimental studies verify that the use of pornography cannot lead a man to rape unless he has previously been predisposed to sexual aggression prior to the contact of the pornography.  So then rape IS about sex right? Or is it about power?  You can’t have it both ways. I am of the belief that rape is about power and dominance, this is demonstrated in nature itself with nearly every animal species including that of man (and no, not simply male animals, females in nature do this as well). Dogs, cats, mice, rabbits, horses, you name it, both genders will hump and ‘rape’ as a show of force. Does nature engender “rape culture” then?  What about enclosed human environments such as prisons?  Males rape one another to prove dominion over other males, or more often the case as a form of humiliation to another male. Make no mistake that females in prisons do this as well. Does that mean that man is also part of natures’ culture of rape simply due to it being all inclusive?


I infer what most people think of as “rape culture” is a mistaken belief that pop culture itself somehow endorses rape or at the very least passes rape off as acceptable behavior somehow. How is this so reality? Rape is a highly punishable crime today, rape is a culturally despised crime today, rape is a rightfully vilified act today so just how is there a “rape culture”?  “Rape Culture” would require that the very culture itself and the collected works of that culture would champion rape as something to aspire to, where what we have is actually the very opposite. Sure, there will always be callous bastards who think of raping someone as nothing more than making them an unwilling sperm recipient such as what happened in Steubenville, but those are not the culture, those are in spite of the culture. As I demonstrated earlier, nature itself uses rape as a form of dominance activity and man is no different other than with man there happens to be the majority which chooses NOT to engage in such activities therefore counteracting this very notion of “rape culture”. By definition “rape culture” would have to be where a majority (not a few instances) of the collected works and peoples of a culture would value rape as a positive and looking around… nope, that is not American culture. Was it always like this? I have to say no but the prevailing use of “rape culture” is discussing the contemporary, the now, not the past.

How does our culture support rape though since it has to for the ideals of “rape culture” to flourish?  On TV and in movies a rapist is most often the VILLAIN of the piece. In music the minor examples of rape are looked down upon by the media and by listeners. In the media itself rape is (generally) shown to be as bad as it actually is (not counting CNN’s disgraceful coverage of the Steubenville case). How does this culture affirm or sanction rape then? For your term of “rape culture” to apply or have even the basest meaning rape would have to be so backed by culture that there was no outrage at it’s occurrence, that rape in children’s cartoons would become the norm and that rape in and of itself would lose all meaning as a word. None of that is happening nor will it. When a rape occurs it is the fault of not the victim but of the perpetrator, that single perpetrator, not the culture that they come from, but them as an individual.

Feminists like to use terms such as “rape culture” because they make great buzzwords, they carry an artificial stigma to them and that artificial stigma dissuades many from arguing about the very artificiality of the term out of fear of being labeled a rape apologist. I have no such fear, I know where I stand on the issue of rape** and I know a straw man argument when I see one and “rape culture” is just that. If you wish to believe there is such a thing as “rape culture” I can not stop you, you are free to believe whatever nonsense you wish, but when you refuse to even engage in the discussion of the issue then you have moved from being a person with thoughts and ideals to a pawn of the movement as the person arguing with Jowski had, she refused to even LISTEN to the opposing argument pretending instead that by not playing the game she somehow won it.

*Who never actually edits anything, not even typos, fucking lazy bastard. (Editor’s Note: He edited this one though!)

**I am against it if I have not made that clear.


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