Robot Jox – Good Bad Flicks Episode 52

I can't believe it took me this long to do an episode of of Good Bad Flicks about this movie. A fun sci-fi flick that I've seen easily over a dozen times. Giant robots fighting in a post apocalyptic warzone. Gr...

Hackers – Good Bad Flicks Episode 49

In this episode of Good Bad Flicks I discuss the action thriller Hackers. In one of the best examples of style over substance, this movie is all about being flashy. However, it does an excellent job at just tha...

Night of the Creeps – Good Bad Flicks Episode 48

In this episode of Good Bad Flicks I discuss the cult classic Night of the Creeps. It's a movie that seemlessly merges zombies, aliens, humor, parasites, and all kinds of other horror elements into one amazing ...

DOA Dead or Alive – Good Bad Flicks

One of the most faithful video game adaptations ever. Full of awesome fight sequences and gorgeous girls in bikinis, I couldn't have asked for a better flick. ◘ SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS ►