You Better Watch Out – Good Bad Flicks Episode 40

In this episode of Good Bad Flicks I discuss one of my favorite Christmas movies You Better Watch Out. It's not your standard happy Christmas film and for me that makes it all the better. ◘ SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW V...

Timerider – Good Bad Flicks Episode 37

In this episode of Good Bad Flicks I discuss the action adventure film Timerider. It's an entertaining flick that has a cool premise and a great soundtrack. ◘ SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS ►

Blood Games – Good Bad Flicks Episode 61

This week's episode of Good Bad Flicks I delve a little into the Hixploitation genre with a rare gem called Blood Games. While not as well known as movies like Deliverance, The Hills Have Eyes, or Gator Bait, i...

Deep Blue Sea – Good Bad Flicks Episode 58 This week's episode of Good Bad Flicks is for Deep Blue Sea, one of the best popcorn movies ever. This flick delivers cool action sequences, a fun script, and scenes of super in...

Stay Alive – Good Bad Flicks Episode 57

This episode of Good Bad Flicks is about the horror film Stay Alive. Stay Alive is an excellent movie that was almost ruined by it's producers. Originally intended to be an R rated film, when it was released in...

Turkey Shoot – Good Bad Flicks Episode 55

For this week's episode of Good Bad Flicks I begin the exploration into Ozploitation with the 1982 classic Turkey Shoot. There are so many greats in the genre it took me a while to decide which one to do first....