Why Bother, It’s Not Like I Can Do Anything About It


Why do you care more about inconsequential happenings, which effect nothing really, and could not care less about major news events which effect the entire country (possibly the world)?


Poised on the brink of war with Syria (which as of this writing looks to be averted) what is everyone talking about? Is Justin Beiber going to be Robin? Oh my god, Ben Affleck is Batman. Did One Direction allow a Chihuahua to die? Is Kim Kardashian going to eat dinner tonight? Will Sandra Bullock have a good nights sleep?

This dumb shit that has absolutely zero consequence on your life and yet you allow it to consume what passes for a life. War with Syria would change the country for the worse but do you care? If we had gone into (another) war how would it have changed your life? Would you be better off than you were before? Would it change your life at all? Have you even considered what repercussions (another) war may have on your life? If you have considered it, do you care what those repercussions might be? Now, with that in mind what are the repercussions of Ben Affleck being Batman? How does that change your life? Why do you care more about a movie than you do your countries’ future or possible economic and human devastation caused by (another) war?

All of this pointless bullshit is nothing more than a distraction meant to placate the masses and keep you from looking into the reasons things got as far as they did with Syria and you are okay with this. You have your movies, your music, your games, your sports, your porno so why should events such as war have even the slightest meaning to you? I mean life is about having fun right, why bog that down with reality.

In this build up to the (averted) Syrian conflict I heard time and again from people in my day to day life that they “didn’t need to bother with that” (that being the Syrian conflict) because “our leaders will deal with it, what can I do about it anyway”? This kind of blind faith in our (so called) leaders is both frightening and quite telling as to the level of effectiveness which we as a populous have on things. Those in power fear us and what we as a people can do, otherwise why would they make it harder and harder to vote? Why would they work on suppression of information if that information was not valuable? They are playing you and you not only allow it you welcome it with open arms and a smile. As long as you have a sporting event to pacify you they pass laws which restrict your rights. As long as you have a vacant headed celebrity who’s antics you can follow they can institute sweeping changes to government policies which leave you with no options as a citizen. Police states, oppressive regimes, duplicitous governments and false flags are never established over night, they take time and that time is used jingling keys in front of you with this meaningless shit.

Back when I worked in TV news out of Green Bay, Wisconsin our station was going so nuts with Green Bay Packers bullshit that %90 of the nightly broadcast was Packers with a few real news bits in the last 3 minutes of the program. I once bridged the question during all of this “what would we do if Air Force One was shot down with the President inside the same day that Brett Favre was gunned down soliciting a hummer from a tranny behind the local Shakeys”? I was told, without a moments hesitation from the news director, that we would be covering Favre wall to wall and that (quoting here) “if people want national news they can watch another station, people in Green Bay want Packers news”. There you have it, president dies, country in turmoil and chaos but a shithead who throws a ball is all that matters. When Dale Earnheart died I heard commenter after commentator call him a “hero” and his death was equated with that of Martin Luther King. The lack of equivalency here is staggering. One of these men drove cars in circles and another changed the face of an entire nation for the better… how in the hell are these related in the least? But that is what we have here, we have a population that only cares about their own selfish needs and what makes them happy now. Who cares if the government is broken on every conceivable level I have the NFL. Who cares whether war crimes are being committed by our very own people against our very own people… Spongebob is on. Who cares if you are being systematically stripped of your rights and freedoms daily I don’t like who is playing Batman.

Now, I am not saying that there is no place for sports, porno, movies, games… but when those things are the diversion used while you lose your freedom what must be done to make you care? Would you care if the ball thrower from that team of overpaid date rapists told you about voter suppression? Would you care if Breaking Bad talked about the DEA’s collusion with the CIA to import drugs into the US as a way to further mollifying the country? Would you care if Jeanna Fine told you the reaming she was taking was the same one that you were getting by the IRS? When movies do tell you about this you ignore it.

Wake up people, snatch back your brains you zombies, see the world as it is and not as you have been conditioned since birth to see it. You have been asleep, WAKE UP.

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