01-24-15 – Episode 187

Josh Hadley, Charley McMullen and The Cat look at another week of non-sense.

A group of shitheads that are selling T-shirts with Kurt Cobain’s suicide note printed on them.

A Dane Country Wisconsin police officer caught with child porn (tons of child porn) and is not being prosecuted due to a typo on the search warrant.

The Florida police department that uses ONLY black people’s mugshots as target practice. Nope, not teaching racism to cop, not at all huh?

The shithead used car dealership that went out of it’s way to abuse and humiliate a pizza delivery driver on the internet and how this blew up in their face.

Hart Fisher takes on some of the most unusual stories involving a murdered Hollywood screenwriter who worked for the CIA and other non-sense.

The right wing is back to “Obama Is Hitler” again.

The French do not understand “free speech” which they claim to… they say they have “free speech” but yet they have now arrested a comedian for “endorsing terrorist activity”. You don’t have free speech.

In Texas American Muslims were protested for being “unamerican” simply for being Muslim.

Abortion nuts are trying to get PREVENTATIVE measures classified as causing abortions. Sigh…

Music by Sue Saad, David Bowie and The Sex Pistols.