01-31-15 – Episode 188

Josh, Cat and Charley are back as is the insanity of the world.

A bill is sent to the father of a boy how missed a birthday party…

A 17 year old in Florida posed as a doctor FOR A MONTH.

A “reality” TV star kills himself attempting to get “action shots” for his show.

The Republicans are at it again, they want to redefine rape and what constitutes rape. Sigh…

Hart Fisher points out how 38 major banking execs have “committed suicide”.

Faux News is being sued by the mayor of Paris for lying about them… HAHAHAHAHA

Faux News also thinks that Obama has made race relations “worse than any other time in American history”. Slavery, Jim Crow, lynching… not as bad as Obama apparently.

Obama then demotes Faux at the State Of The Union by taking away their ‘news’. HAHAHAHAHAHA

The RNC have edited out the parts of the State Of The Union they don’t like for their website.

A Republican in in Kentucky wants to be exempt for drunk driving laws since he is a senator.

The RNC in California makes statements about how minimum wage should be there for blacks and kids but adults and whites abuse minimum wage.

Music by X, Shreikback and The Misfits