02-07-15 – Episode 189

Josh, The Cat and Charley discuss the weirdness of the world again… such as…

McDonalds offering… hugs and love as legal tender through Valentines
day… no way this backfires huh?

Taylor Swift has trademarked many common terms such as “Party like
it’s 1989″… so you now have to pay her if you want to use HER
phrases. Fuck Taylor Swift.

In LA a black spiderweb like substance is coming from the faucet (it’s
the water). The city says it’s still safe to drink and cook with.

In Seattle a female police officer freaks out and starts pepper
spraying ANYONE that even looks at her. Yeah, this is not normal.

Hart Fisher shows us how a strange case of corrupt mexican police who
are tortured by the government are claiming they are the victims.

The hosts look at the lies and blind adherence to a false reality that
surrounds hate filled murderer Chris Kyle.

Music by Fear, Concrete Blond and Lana del Ray