02-14-22 – Episode 191

Starting off the show with an outtake should set the tone for everything. Charley is off so it’s just up to Josh and Cat to handle this weeks nonsense.
50 Shades Of Grey (sigh) have created an 83% increase in
“sex toys injuries”.
In Oregon it’s now legal to take “upskirt” photos of 13 year old girls… yes, this is no longer illegal.
If you have a new Samsung TV it’s spying on you… no we are not kidding, it is always listening to you and transmitting your data to 3rd party dealers.
Red Bull is attempting to bully (no pun intended) Old Ox Brewery into going away due to… the “confusion” that may happen between the brands. Fuck off Red Bull.
42nd Street steps in for Hart Fisher who is still in Chicago… and we talk about how a DVD company are being assholes to their competition in the porn business.
Charles Manson might not be getting married now and the reason is hilarious.
Would you be offended if you found freshly killed racoons in the freezer department of your local store? In California this is happening and yes, there is an issue with this.
A right wing group is celebrating John Wilks Boothe’s assassination of the “tyrant” Lincoln. Sigh…
Rob Schneider threatens to use his “star power” to stop a California lawmaker from closing the loophole that allows for the religious exemption from vaccinations.
With music by Cycle Sluts From Hell, Ministry and Motley Crue.