03-21-15 – Episode 195

Josh, Cat and Charley are back to take on the dumb of the week.

In Akron Ohio there is a car pooper. Yeah, he poops on cars.

Alabama teens were beheading puppies and putting the videos on snapchat… and the police chief thinks they are just dumb kids and they don’t need more punishment.

2 assholes from California were in Rome and decided to carve their initials into the Roman Colosseum because MERICA.

The racist frat of sigma alpha fuckhead is suing the college for infringing on their rights to be racists.

If you are white are you less likely to use the bus system if there is a black driver?

The NYPD has been caught editing Wikipedia to remove or deflate their part in famous police brutality cases. oops.

Hart Fisher is incensed at the new Facebook thought policing.

Even Democrats think that rape is not rape… sigh…

Moses is a new founding father of America according to the Texas Board Of Education.

The 47 Republicans who signed that Iran letter are traitors to the United States…

Music by The Butthole Surfers, The Dust Brothers and Garbage