03-28-15 – Episode 196

Charley, Josh and Cat delve headfirst in the bullshit of the week…

A British Airways flight was turned around due to someone taking a shit SO smelly that airline engineers were unprepared for it.

It’s not illegal to masturbate into a co-workers coffee, who knew?

A woman in Colorado had the fetus cut from her stomach while answering a craigslist ad for baby clothes… in response the Green Bay Wisconsin police are offering their parking lot for cragislist transactions.

Strip clubs in Canada are being forced to close due to the internet taking all of their business.

A meth lab is set up in the bathroom of a Wal-Mart… of course.

Hart Fisher is on a tear again about the suppression of political speech.

An 11 year old girl is gang raped TWICE in the span of 2 weeks and the cops don’t think it’s anything more than “promiscuous behavior”. Yeah, fuck these cops.

A gun dealer is selling “official running nigger” targets and is pissed that people are getting mad about it.

Michigan gun nuts are carrying assault weapons onto schools and are getting mad that this somehow triggers a lockdown… OPEN CARRY MOTHERFUCKERS. Open carry is dumb and people that open carry are dumber.

Michelle Fiorie is back… and racism is over apparently.

God ended slavery by the way, not a president. Sigh…

Music by Motley Crue, Death Angel and The Ex-Pistols.