04-11-15 – Episode 198: WTF

Cat is out this week… so it’s up to Charley and Josh to sift through the weeks bullshit.

Should the state have to pay for the sex change operation of a convict?

Revenge Porn… should it be illegal?

Rick Santorum thinks that the separation of church and state is a “communist ideal”. Is this is the 50’s? What the hell is wrong with you?

Hart Fisher takes Wal-Mart to task over refusing to sell Rhonda Rousey’s book.

Tom Cotton thinks that gays get to live so they are lucky in that regard.

Yes, we talk about Memories Pizza, we have to.

We then discuss how christians are NOT an oppressed majority. YOU ARE NOT.

Music by Demolition 23, The Butthole Surfers and NOFX.