04-25-15 – Episode 200: WTF

The 200th fucking episode of What The Fuck… 200? Seriously? You guys let Josh, Cat and Charley get to 200?

A 250 year old dildo was discovered in Poland. Yup.

Godzilla is the official tourism ambassador to Japan. Not kidding… this is real… and AWESOME.

A semi-truck full of honey bees overturns and 14 MILLION got loose… this is like an Irwin Allen movie come to life.

An ivory poacher is tracking an african elephant and gets trampled to death by his prey. I LOVE IT.

On the other hand a Texas veterinarian is all proud of shooting
“stray” cats with arrows and posing with pictures of the corpses… the internet has an issue with her being a vet. Where do you stand?

Hart Fisher is outraged that since the 1980’s over 1000 cases of the FBI misleading it’s forensic evidence in criminal cases.

ESPN’s Brit McHenry is in the news for a public freakout… should she not have time of her own? Should she be suspended when she is not actively working for ESPN?

An Arkansas police department is in more trouble after 3
whistleblowers came forward about corruption… and when ordered to turn over files… they hand over a hard drive filled with viruses meant to destroy the evidence that the prosecutor already has. oops.

An NYPD Officer only forum is filled to the brim with a “shocking amount of racism”. Is this a problem that supersedes their right to be racists on their own time?

The guy that shot the murder committed by police officer Slager… he wants his video off the news unless they pay him for it. Sigh…

A pharmacist in Georgia refuses to give the “abortion pill” to help a woman having a miscarriage because of RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Another one, why not right? An auto mechanic will not cater to fags. Sigh…

Religious Freedom again… wait a good one where a Christian is using religious freedom to defy the laws that won’t allow for feeding the homeless. THIS IS WHAT A CHRISTIAN IS PEOPLE. Texas chef Joan Chiver makes feeding the homeless her priority and it’s “how she celebrates the lord”.

Music by The Misfits, Gwar and Jello Biafra