05-07-15 – Episode 202 WTF

Being dumb does not take a break, so neither do Cat, Charley or Josh.

Do you miss those “intimate” moments with your deceased partner? Now you can get a dildo filled with their ashes.

Bringing Oreo’s to school is now a HEATH VIOLATION. What The Fuck??

A Chicago area bar found a 2 way mirror into the woman’s bathroom where there is a room set up to allow people to watch women pee. The bar refuses to remove this and says it’s there to bring pleasure to customers. Shit the fuck?

Hart has issues with cops that kill people and don’t get charged.

Faux News thinks that atheists can’t be president because without fear of eternal damnation you can’t be moral (rolls eyes).

Wisconsin Republicans want to limit what people on Food Stamps can buy… he wants to ban EVERYTHING that might have flavor or be nutritious.

A black writer for the Washington Post thinks that the Baltimore mother who beat her son for rioting is only making things worse by acting like a mammy.

An Orlando cop is being charged with battery on a handcuffed
suspect… on camera and blames the CAMERA for getting him in trouble. Sigh…

In Tulsa the police shoot an UNARMED black man who was running from them… and then they stand on his neck and tell him that is what happens when you run from the cops. Grrrr

The FBI’s ELITE forensic unit is almost completely made up. An
investigation revealed that in 95% of cases in the last 35 years they have given FALSE testimony.

Music by Creature Feature, Agnostic Front and Sacred Reich