05-21-15 – Episode 204 WTF

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit and other stuff.

A Florida man found out what happens when you find a stranger in the alps. Just listen, it will make sense.

A 179 Million Dollar Picasso painting was CENSORED on a FOX Station. Really? Was this necessary?

What the fuck are “mens rights activists” and why the fuck are they trying to get Mad Max: Fury Road taken off screens?

The Internet is running out of IP addresses. PANIC NOW!!!!

Hart Fisher looks the facebook policy of “real names” and how it harms domestic violence victims.

A CHP Officer in California pulled over a funeral procession because they were going TOO SLOW.

A man in South Africa is accused of murdering his wife… and he gave a plagiarized eulogy at her funeral. Classy.

In Kentucky, a hospital lost lost part of his brain. No biggie, just
his brain, nothing he really needs right?

A Jordanian doctor accidentally left his cellphone inside a patient. Yeah.

A Faux News contributor thinks that the Amtrak crash might be due to the engineer being gay.

Right after the above mentioned Amtrak crash… the Republicans vote to defund Amtrak. Subtle.

Faux News goes after the poor again and uses the amazing logic of “if you don’t want to be poor, GET A JOB!”.

Music by The Cycle Sluts From Hell, Warrior Soul and Motorhead.