05-28-15 – Episode 205 WTF

Charley is out again so it’s just Josh and Cat this week but there is plenty of bullshit that still needs to be addressed.

A girl was having a sweet 16 party and then shit, literal shit, starts to rain down on the party. Oops, turns out a plane dumped their toilet over a residential neighborhood.

A man in Milwaukee was almost autopsied while still alive. He was ‘dead’ and then he just WOKE UP.

Ricard Prince is a scumbag “ahtist” who is selling OTHER people’s instagram photos for a hundred grand each. Fuck you, fuck you sideways.

The worlds largest banks are ordered to pay 6 Billion Dollars for
decades of financial manipulation… but why not JAIL? WHY ARE NO BANKERS GOING TO FUCKING JAIL?

Hart Fisher goes after the congressmen who sold out their votes to fast track the TPP.

Josh and Cat have it out over Edward Snowden…

Turns out that if you search for “Nigger House” in Google Maps it takes you to the White House. Yeah, this is real.

A town in Kentucky… a white man was shot by the police… and the police gave a statement “we are glad he was white”. What the fuck does that say about race relations?

Jeb Bush thinks that not allowing christians to discriminate against gays is you being intolerant against christians. Let that sink in.

The Alabama Supreme Court Judge thinks that the “pursuit of happiness” in the decoration of independence means GOD’S LAW.

Mike Huckabee sides with Josh Duggar… and there is a conspiracy around this case as his records are being DESTROYED on the orders of a federal judge. This is HIGHLY unusual.

Music by Nomeansno, D.R.I. and GWAR