06-06-15 – Episode 206 WTF

Charley likes to see grown men naked… Josh and Cat will just watch him.

Another week of bullshit is ahead of us.

Animal Control in Grand Rapids was called out… for a life sized stuffed tiger. Good job guys.

A small town in New York had 9 brains land on their lawn… 9 missing brains… must be network executives.

A woman offers to lick a cops butthole if he will just let you go… is that a fair trade?

A resale shop in Ohio is selling a pair of Eva Braun’s panties. Because why not right?

A truckload of Amibo’s was hijacked… yeah really.

Hart Fisher is screaming mad about the Orange County prosecutors office and their massive corruption (we go more into this in the next segment).

A man wants to sue the board of education because evolution is “faith based” and will stop his daughter from becoming a veterinarian.

Casey Anthony is “telling her story”. What, that you killed your daughter you cold fucking cunt? What “story” do you have to tell?

A cop kills a suicidal man and actually puts in his report “it’s what we do” in reference to killing people. Oh really? That is what cops do?

We go into more detail on the Orange County corruption scandal.

Illinois police will be required to wear body cameras… and you have to pay for this.

Music by the Misfits, The Black Nasty and Sue Saad