06-20-15 – Episode 208 WTF

Charley is out… so Sara Hanley steps in to help Josh and Cat wade through the bullshit of the world.

Pizza Hut is making a “movie box” where you put your phone into the box and it projects a movie from your phone onto the wall. This is so dumb it’s genius.

Toronto is holding an orgy for the disabled… no way this end badly.

The Germans have now made a sex doll that will talk to you and have “intimate moments” with this doll.

A new disease called MERS that comes from drinking camel urine. It’s spreading… really, camel urine?

A woman in Florida got into a car accident… why? She was shaving her pubes while driving. Thank you Florida, you are always classy.

Hart looks at how military maneuvers might be more than what they seem.

Pat Roberson told a woman who’s baby recently died… he said that was because god took the child because it might have been the next Hitler.

A US Military doctor has been found to have committed almost nazi like experiments on US personal, just to see what happens.

Hospitals have been found to be charging 12 times as much to uninsured patients over those who have insurance.

A college student in California wants 4 comic books banned from her campus. Yeah, in 2015 this is still happening.

Music by Bonnie Tyler, The Butthole Surfers and World Inferno Friendship Society