07-18-15 – Episode 212

Cat, Josh and Charley are at it again for another week of bullshit.

A Texas man who was eaten by an Alligator while screaming “Fuck that alligator” last week. So this week that mans friend exacted ‘revenge’ on that gator by shooting it in the head.

The mother of the man who blew his own head off with fireworks wants training courses for using fireworks. Fuck off.

Whitesburro New York insists that the county seal of a white man strangling an indian is not that… it’s a “friendly wresting match”. Uh, huh.

A Cincinnati pirate radio station has been playing The Getto Boys for months… 24 hours a day. It has offended a white guy so it’s gone.

Hart Fisher is busy, busy, busy.

Jared is busted for child porn. That is all.

Ted Cruz has been busted buying his own book in bulk in an attempt to make the New York Times best seller list.

Jeb Bush thinks that Obama uses too many “large words and nuanced phrases” and that makes people hate him.

Scott “Imperial” Walker has destroyed the “living wage”, the “one day of rest in seven” and attempting to remove the states open record law. He is so transparently corrupt I almost respect him.

Texas is eliminating all references to Slavery, the KKK and Jim Crowe laws from history books. A literal whitewash of history.

Music by The Getto Boys, 45 Grave and Ministry