07-25-15 – Episode 213

“Slave Leia” is an actual story topic we have to cover in this weeks dive into the bullshit of the week. Cat is gone to a nerd con, so it’s just Charley and I this week.

Princess Leia in the slave girl costume is getting Target in trouble. A dad is offended that his eggshell daughters had see that offensiveness in the toy aisle.

A Florida woman was served with papers and BILLED for not tithing to her church… yes, they billed her for going to church.

Faux News went after San Fransisco officials and… well got the best soundbyte they didn’t want.

Geraldo Rivera almost punched Eric Bolling on the air… on Faux.

Hart Fisher talks to Joe Genofasky about his stunt at Comic Con with the Image Comics founders.

A “pro-confederacy” rally outside of a black neighborhood ends as well as you suspect it would.

Flags are being lowered to half staff in Missouri to “mourn the legalization of gay marriage”. Sigh…

A power mad cop was going to “teach a woman a lesson about respecting the police” and burst into her home and accosted her (on camera) while she was naked in front her daughter… because she was not showing him enough respect.

Music by GWAR, The Guantanamo School Of Medicine and The Graveyard School.