08-08-15 – Episode 215

Charley, Josh and the Cat are still around, we have survived the week of bullshit… will you?

A Texas man tried to take a selfie with a rattlesnake… and now has depleted the anti-venom supplies of two hospitals. A 150 grand bill as well. He thinks this is unfair…

Cops are advertising in the newspaper that drug dealers can eliminate their competition by snitching. Yup.

In New Mexico a 911 operator gets pissy with a man who’s just had a friend shot in front him and hangs up while telling the man to “deal with this yourself”.

Milwaukee makes an elderly sexual assault wait 4 hours to get an officer out to her… why? They had “more important things to deal with”. Those important things? A traffic jam on main street.

Pete is in for Hart again and he is gearing up for the Republican Debate.

Republicans want to solve movie theater shootings by arming ALL theater patrons with guns. No way this is insane and moronic.

Survivalists are still a thing? How? Why?

Music by The Bad Brains and Henry Rollins, Garbage and The Misfits.