12-27-14 – Episode 183

Cat is off this week (Zombie shift at work the week prior to x-mas) so it’s just Josh and Charley this week…

We begin with a Chilean radio station that ran a contest where to win tickets you had to lick whipped cream from the asscrack of the DJ… since we are talking about it did not go over well.

Moving to C-SPAN we have Brad and Dallas Woodhouse who were arguing LIVE in television… they mother called in, ON THE AIR, to yell at them to get along.

The Tulsa little bubble vending machine that contained a plastic Nazi Insignia ring… this was an issue you can be assured.

“I can’t breathe” is now a registered trademark of one greedy woman who thinks the fucking world owes her.

Hart Fisher brings to light the shocking amount of FBI incompetence when it comes to evidence handling.

After that Charley and Josh go into the case of the mentally handicapped woman who was cheated out of her massive lottery winnings by an unscrupulous vendor.

A new bill is up that would require a fathers consent to get an abortion… including cases of rape. Sigh…

Finally we look at the Sony Hack and how Sony is a spineless company who proves just how much cowardice money buys.

Featuring music by Shriekback, The Exploited and The Guantanamo School Of Medicine