Anger! Sweet Calming Anger!

Anger is the truth, anger is pure unfiltered truth.   Anger is the only emotion we possess that is unclouded by thought, unencumbered by morality or conscience.  Anger is the only pure emotion that evolution has allowed us to retain.   Anger is real.

anger 1Anger is the something that most people like to pretend they are above or they have somehow suppressed yet in reality anger is the only thing we ever do that is completely real.   When you get angry you say what you really mean to someone, you might be blowing your stack but you, at absolute rage, have never been so unrestrained by societal norms that you finally are being truthful to everyone, even if it is just yourself.   Love can make you hold back the truth.   Happiness allows ignorance of truth.   Fear reduces truth.   Envy clouds truth.  Stress induces falsehoods.   Anger though, anger is genuine.  Anger is a precision strike against societal tropes, tropes which constrict and further the lies that make up life.   We lie every day about every thing.  With every emotion save that of anger you are lying about life.  You are protecting someone’s feelings, you are trying to stay out of trouble, you are obeying the rules of society.   What you are really doing is pretending you are not human.   When something pisses you off to the point you get angry, really angry, you tap into the primordial lizard brain we all like to pretend as have grown past and you embody what a true human being is.   There are not false platitudes with anger, you say what you mean, you do what you intend and nothing will stop you, nothing.   Anger pushes you into a place that we have forgotten we thrive, but it does so in a liberating way that shuns the walls we have built up around ourselves and allows us to succeed in being a true human for a short span.

anger 2Anger has it’s consequences of course, no emotional outburst, be it “positive” or be it “negative” goes unrewarded nor unpunished (assign which to which as you choose).   Detonating a growing bomb of anger will have some sort of consequence, that is inevitable, how you use the outcome of the anger eruption is up to you.  Did you go off on close friends who’s actions have been slowing grinding at you for years?   Now you are on even ground and can be honest with one another.  Have you finally had it to your limit with your boss who has been using you and you put them in their place…finally?   You have now put them on watch that what they are doing is unacceptable and that you are done being their punching bag.   You got cheated on and you tore into your significant other?   Now you can gauge their level of reality to your relationship and fix the rift or go separate ways.   A bully has been going at you for long portions of your life and you finally lost your shit and knock them on their ass.   You have been liberated of their tyranny and are free to move on with your life and cease being burdened by theirs.

anger 3If you learn to channel anger to where you can control it you can use this unfettered access to the primate parts of us to remain on top of things.   Now, you can not let uncontrolled anger ran rampant, that much is obvious.   Unchecked anger results in serial killers, mass shootings and republicans.  Those things take away the rights of others who should not be the focus of anger.  The anger I speak of is of a personal kind and not to be taken lightly.   I am angry all the time, I mean all the time, and I choose to channel my anger into creative outlets which let me express myself at the same time entertaining/illuminating others.   That is the kind of anger one should have.

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