Division is the American Way

Last week  I spoke of the great divide that is ravaging america and threatening to extort another civil war upon the american people all the while those in “power” sit back and laugh.   Lets talk about the fallout from last week… oh the glorious fallout.

division 1Seems you guys really had issues with the truth I was speaking of last week (and yes it was the truth, nothing I spoke of was biased or inaccurate).   Poor Alex Jowski had more calls to fire me, more negative comments and more hate thrown his way last week than anytime since I began working with Geek Juice Media.  Alex got such insightful comments as “Might as well just put a fucken picture of Obama on the front page” and “Oh, didn’t know this site was that fuckin’ liberal, I’m done”.*  The part what pissed me off about all of this fallout was that *I* was not part of it, I seemed to be the cause yet you cowards went over my head and whined and bitched to Jowski instead of messaging me.  Why was that?  Did you know that I would best you in a contest of debate on the issues or were you just scared to actually voice issue with a person TO that person?   I know it can be daunting at times when you actually have to FACE the person you are insulting or railing against but you must man up and face your fear… face the man that is making you think for the first time since you turned off Faux News and took Alex Jones’ cock out of your mouth.   I have done it, I have insulted my enemies to their face whenever I was able.   I got into a very public fight with James Gunn about his terrible script for Lollypop Chainsaw and I said what I thought to his (virtual) face.   If I could I would give my grievances about Joss Whedon and Quentin Tarantino TO Joss Whedon and Quentin Tarantino; allowing that they would ever lower themselves from their pedestals and speak to me.**  You are, on the other hand, all craven little keyboard warrior tough guys from the safety of a pseudonym and a blocked IP, not a single one of you would have the stones to come up to me engage into a discussion about my issues or perceived flaws in person.  Stay scared and stay cowards.   A brave man dies but once, a coward dies a thousand deaths.***

division 2Let us talk about how it is almost un-american to actually disagree anymore.  Have we forgotten this soon just what the first amendment to the constitution was meant to do?  Why it was written as the FIRST amendment?   It was meant to protect UNPOPULAR speech and to allow those with a dissenting point of view the FREEDOM to express those views.  The point of the first amendment was to give us all equal footing and to allow no idea to be suppressed, that is why it is so often referred to as FREEDOM OF SPEECH, you are FREE to SPEAK whatever you so choose in the United States.  It seems though that among a specific group of people (on both sides of the political spectrum) only THEIR freedom to speak openly is important.  Sure I make fun of the republicans and the racists and the loons and the gun nuts but I have never attempted to remove their right to say the dumb shit that they do.  Never once.  You people wanted to take that right away from me though, you wanted to silence me due to you not liking what I had to say, which the EXACT thing that the first amendment to the constitution was made to protect.   Sure, you can rationalize it to yourselves that all you were doing was lashing out in anger in an attempt to silence me on this particular platform I have at Geek Juice Media but what you were really doing was telling yourself that I must go away because I offend your senses, that I struck something inside you that made you afraid of and that growing flame of rational thought which must be snuffed out lest it burn bright and you join the thinking part of the human race.

division 3

division 4The internet is the greatest tool ever created for irrational thought, the dissemination of stupidity, proliferation of lies, misinformation on a scale heretofore undreamed of and most of all for unfettered freedom.   Not just freedom of speech but the freedom to do whatever you like, watch whatever you want, listen to whatever you so choose, think as you so choose.   Sure, like all things there are points where even unabridged freedom has to be backed down to general morality or even just laws, you can’t have literal anarchy.   If you like to watch children get raped and cut with straight razors, well that violates the tenants of being HUMAN let alone dozens of laws and that does NOT, in any way, quality as freedom of speech to make or distribute those things.  Barring things that are illegal on their own right, I believe in true freedom of discussion and expression.  Those of you that tried to get me fired seemingly do not.  You want to have your ideals protected but to stifle and smother the ideals that threaten the tightly confined eggshell reality that you exist in.  I have never and I will NEVER attempt to silence opposing thought in the manner that you people did.  If I have a issue with something written, something said or something expressed I have always and will always confront the person that wrote/said/expressed it when possible, I would not go over their heads and try to take away their stage.   In a very real way I do respect the people that come at me head on, those that engage in a discussion about the merits of the things I say (or am perceived to have said in some cases).   Those that use their real names and don’t hide gain my respect and I can think of two incidents where I became friends with person due to them having gained my respect for standing up and not having been afraid of the notion of free speech.  Those that make anonymous memes and hide under the rocks of the internet get no respect from me nor should they from their peers.   These are people that should rightfully be hiding because they exemplify everything that we as humans have strived to distance ourselves from.  These are cowards of the highest order and they should be given no more credibility than you would the crazy man on the street corner with a “The End Is Nigh” sign hanging about his chest.

This divide is not just in the political arena either, it extends to the most meaning areas of human interaction as well.  You like something a tad out of the ‘norm’ sexually?  Well then you will be pilloried for that.   You don’t like a movie that everyone else likes?   Well then you will be ostracized from the film community due to have tastes that are varied from the masses.   You love a band that is otherwise despised among their contemporaries?  Well then you will be made to feel as if you are subservient to a dog in mental prowess.   We in this country (as a race really) simply can not stand for dissent from the mainstream which is by definition mainstream and is therefore the majority.   Why can’t a fringe group exist without being attacked by the mainstream?   Hell, I am guilty of this very thing when it comes to the tin-foil hat crowd, I make fun of them but I don’t make even the slightest attempt to stop them or what they believe, this can not be said for that same majority who see dissent from the mainstream as something dangerous which must be feared and cut down.   Take a few minutes and let what I wrote here sink in, let it wash over you and if you still disagree with me, fine, but at least you thought about it first and frankly I can’t ask for much more than that.

*Oh hurt me, hurt me you hardcore totally straight and right thinking real Mercians who have never, not even for a second, had impure thoughts about someone in their own bloodline… hurt me more, lash me with your razor sharp wit and grade school grammar.

**I have tried, I have contacted representatives for both men on multiple occasions and no luck.

***Martha Page on the other hand DID talk to me about her issues with me, she DID engage me in a discussion and she DID have the respect of me at the end of the conversion.   She greatly disagreed with me but she was the SINGLE person that actually sent her comments why way and you know what… she has more balls than anyone else that bitched about last weeks column.

Tell me to shut the fuck up a 1201beyond@gmail.com or contact Alex to fire me (which you all seem to really want) at alexjowski@gmail.com