Episode #017 – OOKY-SPOOKY Halloween Special!!

Original Air Date: 10-30-13

Celebrate all things OOKY and SPOOKY with the o.t.o. Halloween Special! Special 2 hour long episode that aired Oct 30th 2013. MamaCass is joined by Evenor to discuss bands such as The Candy Spooky Theater, Halloween Junky Orchestra, Aikaryu, E’m~grief~, and more!


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Halloween Junky OrchestraHalloween Party | Halloween Party 2012
The Candy Spooky TheaterMerry Go Round | Wonderland 2005
藍華柳(Aikaryu) – ヴァンパイアで満杯や!(Vampire de manpai ya!) | ヴァンパイアで満杯や! (Vampire de manpai ya!) 2005
E’m~grief~ – 独白の空(Dokuhaku no sora) |  Eternal Melody 2008
SaTanCorpse’s Parade/strong> | crawling from the graves EP 2012
Ru:natic黒薔薇族ノ招待状 鏖(Kurobarazoku no sohtaijou minagoroshi) | Memory 2013
Magistina Saga追憶ノ音(Tsuioku no Oto) | Tone of Temptation 2012
Der Zibetマスカレード(Masquerade) | 思春期-II~ダウナーサイド~ (Shishunki II -Downer Side-) 1991 Ft. Atsushi Sakurai of BUCK-TICK
Soft BalletNO PLEASURE | Document 1990
MADAME EDWARDANosferatu | Marquise hystérique 1984
emmuréeグロセックス(gurosex) | love letter 2007
エルム(elm) – LES MISERABLES〜レミゼラブル〜 | 黒い招待状(Kuroi shotai jo) 2011
the Pumpkin Head神は死んだ(Kami wa Shinda) | 神は死んだ(Kami wa Shinda) 2011

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