Hart Attack Episode #47 hosts, Hart D. Fisher (#AmericanHorrors) and Josh Hadley (WTF & #Radiodrome) tear into this week’s headlines over the BP Tar Sands spill into Lake Michigan, the new United Kingdom secret internet block list (our own 1201beyond.com site is on that list), GM’s recent million car recall that’s right out of Fight Club, Torture laws, new revelations about the CIA oversight committee and it’s lack of oversight of any intelligence agency plus the TSA’s recent pushes to arm their agents around the country. Music by #theramones, #ac/dc & More!

About The Author

I am a harsh film critic with no sense of subtlety or tact. I tend to love non-mainstream films, not out of a sense of ‘rebellion’ or non-conformity but out of the sense that most of what is popular is shit and that by definition the mainstream will be MAINSTREAM and therefore useless. I am easily approachable and I love to hear feedback from people, both positive (lies) and negative (truth) so please, call me out on the stupid shit I say and do.

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