You all have the freedumb of speech… to say, to speak, to espouse and most of all to think that which makes you the morons who think freedumb and responsibility are separate entities.

The first amendment to the US Constitution reads as thus:

  • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


In layman’s terms that means the government can not, in any way, restrict speech/ideals nor punish speech/ideals. THE GOVERNMENT can not restrict speech… persons and businesses are not the government and can do such as they please. With the whole controversy over Duck Fucker* I have witnessed again and again the most uninformed cranial black holes call A&E’s issues with him a “Free Speech Issue” or worse yet a “First Amendment Violation”. The TV network A&E are part of the US government now? If so that is the ONLY way that A&E enforcing it’s own ideals on employees, who signed a contract stating they would do so, would be a “First Amendment Violation”.

Faux News in general and Sarah “I would hatefuck the hell out of her” Palin** specifically are very fond of calling any form of social nicety or enforcement of contract clauses “Free Speech Issues”. Since they like to show how little of what they speak they actually understand they have also latched onto “First Amendment Violation”. Why do they do this though when they HAVE to know that the Duck Fucker issue is in no way a “First Amendment Violation”? Because they are playing you, and you fall for it every damn time. Those in charge of Faux News or CNN KNOW the difference and more importantly they know that you don’t, therefore they are using buzzwords to trick you into thinking something false is real. Like any good conman they distract you with this over here while they are screwing you over there. They understand that you will NOT understand the first amendment protects you from GOVERNMENT censorship so they use the most inflammatory language possible to rile you up without you having facts to temper the reality of the situation. As I am sure I have made clear many times in the past, I am an open advocate AGAINST censorship of any kind… that does not mean I think it is illegal, a notable distinction.


That is them though, that is the media misusing “First Amendment Violation” as a term, but what about when those not in the media do it, what does that say about not just the state of the American mind but also of how much the media influences how that mind works? You (the general ‘you’, perhaps not the you reading this) will regurgitate that which is heard in the media and simply trust that they knew what they were talking about so you in turn know what they were talking about. As demonstrated time and again in this column the media have a bias towards the corporate bottom line or a political agenda… and the majority of the public either fails to see these tainted schemes or simply does not care about them and that, that right there is the real power that this kind of misuse of the language gets them. You don’t care they are manipulating you and more-so that they are lying to you, you only want to have your ideals reenforced, no matter the cost to the ideal or to truth. Accuracy in the media has been a long dead principle yet it somehow comes off even more offensive when intentional and purposeful misleading are done in the name of the “news”.

“First Amendment Violation” is a phrase that carries with it a great amount of weight… weight that is disproportionate to the flagrant and frankly childish misuse of the term. Why is the term “First Amendment Violation” allotted the weight it has? Because there is a reason that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” is the FIRST amendment to the US constitution, it is one of the most important, if not THE most important, part of what america is founded upon which is why it being used as a buzzword lacking functional meaning is so offensive. Twisting “First Amendment Violation” into agenda pushing is vile and shows such utter contempt for the actual notion of what it stands for that it becomes repugnant and debased. That said, it very much still qualifies as Free Speech though.


While the First Amendment is the founding principle of america on paper, Free Speech is the founding ideal that embodies america in totality. Now, Free Speech (I insist in capitalizing it) is somewhat of a misnomer as a term, it does mean you can say anything you like, you are free to do so, but it also means you are responsible for what you did indeed say and also responsible for the outcomes of the actions based on what you were free to speak. Take Duck Fucker for example, he said what he did, A&E (a private company) felt it was a bad image for them and as the employer of Duck Fucker they evoked his ethics clause and acted in the best interest of their company. For this A&E (a private company, I can not stress this enough) violated the First Amendment protection from government suppression of ideas apparently, at least according to Faux News, morons in society and even the other Duck Fuckers. Free Speech has limits, necessary limits, not in the freedom of it, but in that consequences from said speech must be enacted. If you are a leader of say, a hate group, and you tell your followers to go out and kill niggers and kikes, which they then proceed to go out and kill niggers and kikes, you are held reasonable for your call to action and your words. If you go to a theater, falsely yell “FIRE” and as everyone panics and runs out a little kid is trampled to death, you are held responsible. If you go into a national magazine and say that gays are akin to bestial and that blacks were always treated with respect and dignity by white society (why is that part always left out of this issue with Duck Fucker) you are held responsible. At least you SHOULD be held responsible, but with how A&E caved to the pressure from outside influences and retracted their firing of Duck Fucker it turns out not only was no responsibility taken but MORE power was given to the FAKE clan of Duck Fuckers. So the message is people, if you want to get ahead, tell off fags and darkies, you will have the majority of the US to back you up as true mercans.

Words have consequences, freedom does not exist in a vacuum, you can not expect that what you put out there will exist in a void. You absolutely have the FREEDOM to SPEAK what you will but I also have the freedom to take issue with that, just as you have with what I to say. Facing the outcome of your words is tantamount to living in a free society and one that is more priceless than any other value america pretends to hold dear so it is with great disdain and outright scorn that I use my Freedom Of Speech to call out those would manipulate the masses, abuse the people for selfish ends and most of all attempt to take away that most sacred of ideals, the freedom to think and say what we will. I have paid the price for my words and I have no qualms about those who made me do so, I queered a book deal due to my ranting and I am still paying for that, but *I* did that, no one else and most of all no one hampered my First Amendment rights. The book publisher found my words and my personality to be incompatible with his company, that happens, I use my Freedom Of Speech and I took what came next, I did not claim this book publisher was somehow stepping on me or holding me back like some whiny little bitches do, I backed myself into a corner and blamed no one but MYSELF. That is what is really lacking today, personal responsibility for actions. If you say it, stick with it, but be fully aware that you did this, no one else, YOU and most of all that no one violated your First Amendment rights.

*He made a million dollars tricking water fowl into thinking people wanted to have sex with them, the title is apt. Also, since he equates gays to being bestial, how does he countenance his millions?

**Yet Martin Bashir had no “First Amendment” right to say what he did about you did he Mrs. Palin?  Fucking hypocrite. Someone SHOULD take a shit in her mouth damn it… I am saying it and I will not apologize for it.

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