It’s Not MY Fault


Blame. No one likes to be blamed when things go wrong, but what if it is actually your fault? What if, just allow for the possibility, that you done fucked up son.


This government shutdown is completely the fault of the Republican party, there is no debate about this, there is no sidestepping this issue, the Republican Party is to blame for the current economic and government problems we have now. It’s game playing, you can NOT spin this to shift the blame to anyone besides the GOP, you just can’t. Try as you might, they didn’t get what they wanted (what they ran and LOST on in the last election) so they are going to make all of you pay for it because damn it, they are true americans. They have been attempting to blame Obama, the Democrat Party and even the american people for this, EVERYONE BUT THEMSELVES. Make no mistake though, but they are only fooling themselves. Some of their attempts to move the culpability from them to EVERYONE else are so shallow and bereft of merit they almost come across like poor satire but they are indeed all too real. “President Obama refuses to negotiate with us”… um guys YOU LOST THE FUCKING ELECTION AND CONTROL OF THE SENATE, THERE IS NOTHING, NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO NEGOTIATE, you have no authority, you have no power, you lost, you get nothing, good day sir and turn the lights out as you leave. THERE IS NOTHING TO NEGOTIATE, THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT IS A LAW… YOU LOST, YOU DON’T GET TO DICTATE A DAMN THING. WE DO NOT HAVE TO NEGOTIATE WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO AUTHORITY TO DEMAND NEGOTIATION. No arbitration, no debate, no dialogue to further come to a mutual mediation, you lose straight out. What they are doing like saying, “we lost, you own your home, you hold the title and have done everything legally, but if you don’t want us to burn down your home, well then how about you make a deal with us”. Isn’t that extortion? No, that is terrorism actually. I hate the Democrats as much as you all do, but in this case, they are %100 in the LEGAL right as dictated by the US constitution. Get over it, you lost, STOP PRETENDING THAT YOU STILL GET TO BE RELEVANT. Obama is a favorite punching bag of mine but in this instance, he has made no fault, no errors. “President Obama will not compromise with us”… there is no compromise, what you snidely call “Obamacare” is LAW, it has been LAW and holding a gun to the american people to change a LAW that you don’t like is terrorism. Don’t give me any shit that the Democrats refused to even talk about it, THEY DIDN’T HAVE TOO… THEY HELD THE POWER, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO NEGOTIATE WITH THE LOSING SIDE. In a sporting event does the losing team get to negotiate for a few more points so both sides are happy? No, they LOST and they slink away with heads held in shame, but not the Republicans, no, the Republicans always see themselves as so self-righteous that they are incapable of being wrong, even the smallest bit. They see themselves as true patriots (who are ignoring the US constitution which they claim they hold so dear) and freedom fighters. Yeah, these bastards are so fighting for your freedom. This is a dick measurement contest (is that wise with white boys against a black guy) where you (we) all lose.

I said terrorism up there and I meant it…


noun: terrorism

the use of violence and INTIMIDATION* in the pursuit of political aims.


This is EXACTLY what the Republican Party has done and I say, damn it, every single one of them that voted in an effort to hold THE LAW and the american people hostage should be charged with treason to the american people. Yeah, I said it, and I mean it. They are traitors to this country and should be treated as such. This is not hyperbole either, you KNOW that if the situation were reversed and the Democrats had done this to a Republican president that they would sure as hell have trotted out the traitor card, but see this is different because they believe they are not at fault, it does not matter that they lost the election and everything they are trying to push through is the entirety of what they were running on in the last election, to them, they didn’t lose, they still get to dictate things, even though they have ZERO, NONE, ZILCH, NADA authority to do so. This is economic terrorism by the dictionary definition and by the definition of the Department Of Homeland Security.  If this exact scenario were being played out in another country it would be seen as economic terrorism, so why not here? Why not? Well, this is america and in america it’s always someone else’s fault shit goes sideways. Why is this? Why can’t we accept the liability of our own actions? Why is it always someone else’s fault, always an error or always some reason we are innocent of the charges against us?

This shutdown is the fault of the President and the Democratic Party because they just refuse to recognize how goddamned awesome we really are (Rolls eyes). This is not a new thing nor is it something isolated to the political front, no, this is endemic of what american values are at their core, it’s someone else’s fault. Responsibility in general is something rarely seen today and personal responsibility is something even rarer as taking responsibility would mean allowing for the idea, even fleeting, that one is not perfect and well, we can’t have that kind of thinking now can we? Are we not told from childhood on that we are perfect just the way we are?** With that told perfection then if we are indeed perfect just the way we are, then is it everyone ELSE that is the problem in our lives? The planet is polluted by it’s not MY fault, it’s his fault and her fault. The US economy is dead and rotting but I didn’t do it, they did. How hard is it to stand up and say “yeah, I screwed up, bad” and take what comes? Judging from the state the US is in, pretty damn hard.  Hell, look at the jail/prison population, according to the inmates, those facilities are chock full of innocent human beings railroaded by an uncaring system. None of them take responsibility for what landed them there the same way that congress takes no responsibility for how we ended up where we are right now. In the 6 plus years that Obama has been in office the House Of Representatives has passed nearly ZERO laws, yet has voted (and lost) against “Obamacare” 44 times as of this writing. FORTY FOUR TIMES. It’s not their fault they can’t get a damn thing done, if that damn nigger would just give in, do what we tell him to do, well then everything would work out just fine.

When people are forced to take responsibility for the outcome of their actions, the consequences can be harsh, yes, it is human nature to attempt to avoid that… yet seeing what you did and how it effected others (not to mention yourself) can very much be a growth moment as a person. “Shit, I didn’t realize that my fuck up caused that much damage, this really changes my perspective on things” is very cathartic and very rare. Why don’t we do it more? Why don’t we take responsibility? I do, when I fuck up in one of these columns I will admit it and if it was my fault (damn you Jowski) I will deal with the fallout. Sure, we all hate to get blamed when we didn’t actually do it, but then you should stand up and prove your case, not simply shift the blame around. Responsibility is not a bad trait to possess yet many of us view it as something admirable in others that we fail to attain in ourselves. Lets face it, as a species we are loathe to be held accountable for the actions we partake in and this current government shutdown over a minor issue (which has consumed the right wing for 8 years or more) is one more dodge. Don’t let them get away with this, hold their feet to the fire and make sure that every single one of those responsible parties are not in office next year, not a single one, send a message that as a US citizen you will be held hostage and you will not be victimized any longer.  Stop blaming society for the poor state of education when you don’t want put any money towards schools or paying teachers. You can’t put off being a parent on others and then get pissy when your child turns out to be a sociopath (or joins the Republican Party which is the same thing). TV and video games are not the cause of apathy and violence in society today when lack of options, no future and the uncaring attitude of the previous generation are in play.

*Emphasis mine.
**Don’t give me any of this shit about some people are not better than others either… face it, Albert Einstein was BETTER than that guy working at the gas station who just got divorced for the third time and has a teenage girl ducktaped to the inside of his trunk.  Some people ARE better than others, that is not elitism, that is realism.

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