Plus Equals Divide

It seems that this country is at such a divide right now that another civil war is inevitable. At this point we have the people that are meant to unite us only driving that divide wider in vain and selfish goals that have nothing to do with america but everything to do with short term self-important gain.

divide 1Congress for example, the republicans specifically, are at such a war with not just the american people but with the opposition party that each side is blinded to the well being of the entire country over trivial matters.   The republicans for example hate Obama to such a degree that they will side against ANYTHING he introduces or backs even if it was something that they endorsed as recently as an hour before Obama threw his support behind it.  This shortsighted opposition to everything platform trickles down to the american people as well and that is where the real danger gestates until a civil war is  inescapable.   Our politicians, our “news” coverage, our pundits and even our families proliferate this divide even greater with a tacit endorsement of these methods and an implicit embracing of the fallout from them.  When you play the american people against one another for personal or party gain you end up with neither.  When you play the american people against one another with malicious intent you end up with consequences beyond the nightmares of gods.  When you play the american people against one another no good will arise from division over unity.   When you play the american people against one another you show your true colors which glow brighter and more decadent with the immorality and malevolence of a psychopath.  Division will only lead to civil war, a civil war that each side says they do not want yet each side continues to push closer and closer to reality with each passing day.

divide 2


divide 3What kind of sadistic person would tank his entire country, economy and well being intentionally?  One with political ambitions.  The system is fundamentally broken and to survive or move ahead in politics one must make things worse so they can seem to make it better… or at least give the illusion of making it better.   That is exactly what the republicans have been doing for the last 5 years, they have been systematically destroying or weakening the country in an effort to destabilize Obama for the sole reason they want him to look bad and perhaps for the secondary reason to be that it might give whatever bobblehead they run in 2016 a slight edge.   This all, of course, will not work due to the fact that the republicans are not even trying to hide their efforts to undermine Obama or their apparent transparency in this matter (one of the few things they are transparent on) just makes their deeds even more spiteful and malicious.  The general  incompetentcy and greed of the republican party would be sickening if not for the fact they are continued to be held in high regard by the great unwashed of america, something I can simply never countenance.  They want to take away all of your freedoms, they want to step on you in an effort to push themselves along, they will back over you at the simplest provocation, they will sell you out with hesitation, they tax you do death… and yet they have the support of the people.  I don’t get that.   Why do you continue to vote against your own self interest?  Because they don’t want gays to marry?  Really?  THAT is where your line is drawn?   None of this even touches upon the inherent racism in the party or it’s followers but that is an installment for another time…

divide 4Congressional partisanship and shaded party battles are nothing new, and despite their increasing hostility they are not as dangerous as the battle that the media has waged on against the people… a battle that the people have lost in no uncertain terms.  Faux News, MSNBC, CNN, NBC News, CBS News, ABC News and every newspaper and magazine in this country make it their mission to pick a side and to push the values of that side.  There is no middle of the road, presents both sides of an issue, only the facts news outlets anymore.  None, not even that old stalwart the Associated Press has come out unscathed, in the last 5 years they have been caught pushing partisan stories with dubious “facts” within.   The internet was meant to be the true democratizing of information but ended up downing in a sea of it’s own bile and hate just as fast as the “legitimate” news outlets did.   This brings me to the not unreasonable conclusion that a civil war (a coup if you will) might be the only thing that can save us now, a prospect which saddens me greatly.   I recently had this overly hyper-partisanship displayed to me in a discussion on the internet about the Obama spending issues vs the Bush II spending issues.  Some tinfoil hat type calling himself Phil Passopulo (most likely a pseudonym as most cowards tend to use) rebuked my FACTUAL assertion that Bush II outspent Obama by a large margin with this amazingly telling rejoinder after I laid out article after article (from various sources) which backed up my point; “not even gonna read it josh those websites are obvious blatant liars”.   There you have it folks, “not even gonna read it josh those websites are obvious blatant liars”.  This was a man so convinced by his media indoctrination that he will not even entertain the IDEA that his viewpoint is not the correct viewpoint or that by simply getting all of his “news” from Faux and right wing outlets he might be misinformed.   This is the kind of person that is a true believer in the way that a cultist truly believes the bullshit his brainwashing leads him to believe and this is the kind of person that the republicans prey upon in their attempted soft coup of the United States government.  They use people like him to do their dirty work for them and they can then sit back and claim ignorance.

The media on both sides has poisoned the well to the point where a complete breakdown of civil discourse has been taken out behind the barn and shot in the head.   Every news outlet, every website, every company has been caught lying/cheating/falsifying to the point where there is no trusted source anymore.  Everyone has an agenda to push and some people either can’t see it or just refuse to see it, either way the fact remains unchanged, the media and the political system we currently use is a slow burning fuse, lit some time ago, that has no choice but to explode and ignite cascading trigger effect of destruction across america.   I am not attacking the republicans due to my own party lines either… I am hardly a democrat in the least so there is no conflict there, I simply see the republicans as being the far more sinister and hazardous to the country party.  I have never seen the democrats attempt to destroy the country in an attempt to jockey for a better position four years later.

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