The Cowardice of Us

We live in an age where there is unfettered freedom and discourse (theoretically).   We also live in an age were there is political cowardice to such a degree that it actually breaks the very system that metes out that very same freedom and discourse.

cowardice 1How does our system of representation for the people by their elected officials crash in upon itself so dramatically?   How did we break the system this relatively early in it’s lifespan or has it always been flawed from inception and we are just now so entrenched into it that repair of this system is inconceivable?   As the system is set up (on paper anyway) we elect representatives to do just that, represent us to the congress of the United States and fight for what the people want in their (the peoples) best interests are.   Nothing in that last statement is how it actually works though.   We don’t elect by vote, we elect by lie.  Whomever has the best ad, the best writers, the best personality… they become our “representative”, not the best qualified individual, not the individual who best REPRESENTS the people, no the slickest conman gets the position.   Elections are rigged to begin with by requiring an ever increasing amount of hassles and guards set in place to stop the average person (more specifically minorities) from voting the way that those in power dislike and that by definition is rigging the game.   Once the shyster with the most money and the best liars behind them gets into office they are always playing (literal and figurative) politics to keep them in that job.   Think about it, your “representative” is never going to attempt anything that might disrupt the status quo or go against the system because if he does, well then he will not be re-elected and will have to actually work for a living.  Since they are always in fear of “being fired” they will bend over like the sub does for the dom and they will take it like a man and then mete out that same ass raping to you, the people who elected them.   As that shill Bill Maher pointed out when this weeks vote on the restriction of the gun control bill was voted down by a vast majority that how can something that and which has 90% support from the public, lose by such a huge margin not even counting the fact that this bill LOST WHILE STILL HAVING A MAJORITY OF VOTES.   The system is fundamentally broken when more people vote FOR a bill than against it and yet it fails to pass nonetheless.  Can someone, anyone, explain to me how that is the functionality of government?   You can’t, why?   Because this is not about the functionality of government, this is about a circle jerk of favors and back room deals that we are not part of in any manner yet we allow to happen due to avarice and ignorance.   It is all about keeping their jobs, to our “representatives” and they will do nothing that they think will jeopardize that, NOTHING.  Many of our congressional officials voted against the gun bill* because they were afraid if they voted for it… they would not get re-elected next term.  That’s what it all comes down to doesn’t it?  Re-election.  My job.  My security.  I don’t care about you who elected me to represent you, no, I simply care for me and my welfare for as long as I keep up the charade.

Why do you people take in this shit and do nothing about it?   Why do you not make it clear that if your representative does not REPRESENT YOU that they will most definitely fail at re-election but more likely will not even make to that point when you recall their lying asses?  Why do you not fight against this built in rigging that is a two party system?   Why do you allow this to happen if you love your country as much as you claim?   How can you sit by idly while your country and the ideals it was founded on get raped and violated right in front of you?  That old saying  “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” and that is exactly what you are doing – NOTHING.   They are keeping you relatively comfortable and you are allowing these evils to be imparted upon the rest of us.

cowardice 2


cowardice 3I speak my mind, here and in my radio shows and I take alot of shit for it but it’s all worth it when I see just one person that opens their eyes to the truth of the situation.  I am not always right but goddamn it I am always on the right track and that is far and away from where this country is.  Democracy is meant to be FOR THE PEOPLE, not for the corporations and not for the rich people.  FOR… THE… PEOPLE.  Why is there so little actual dissent in this country when everyone can see the fatal flaws in the system and most of us simply let them go as long as we ourselves are fat and happy?  There is no reason that the Occupy Wall Street movement should have failed as spectacularly as it did and it failed due to the apathy and lazefair attitude of the general populace.  I have been labeled as a communist, as a malcontent, as an anarchist and even as a true patriot and yet none of those are accurate.   What am I?  I am a normal man that is fed up, I am as mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!!  Neither should you.  Get a backbone, stand up and act like an american for a fucking change.   Don’t let the NRA write laws for you, stand up and discard them, they rely on you to exist, if you stand up they go away.   Same applies with congress, if you discard them when they are not enacting the will of the people they will quickly learn that we will not stand for this bullshit any longer.

*Which in reality would only have expanded background checks in this case and would not have “taken away the guns” from real ‘mericans but then again why should I expect rationality from you out there, you swallow the lies of the NRA like a whore from Beat em & Eat em.

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