The Fools March On

Whether you suffer fools gladly or lightly they remain fools regardless.

Last week I took on ‘The Wolf Pack’ over their misogynistic take on female directors and the response has been… well amusing to say the least.  As stated last week, Dr. Hemoglobin has more or less gone into hiding, deleting his twitter and abandoning his blog while only popping up to give a weak and hollow apology to Mike White.  William Pattison/Eric Morse is another story (sorry AUTHOR William Pattison/Eric Morse as he insists on being called, talk about being really insecure about ones placement in society).  William Pattison/Eric Morse has gone on a self destructive rampage of cowardly acts in response to the fallout from his ‘Wolf Pack’ podcast (which he has now removed in an attempt to “make it all go away”).   First he made posts about not fucking with him and then about how we who were doing so were just asking to get “the claws”. Yet when I attempted to engage him… he deleted all of my posts and promptly blocked me from him.  Can’t back up your statements of badassness huh? So Alex Jowski gave a very well written, calm and thoughtful entry into this exchange… which resulted in Alex having it deleted and then getting banned (noticing a pattern here yet).  Mike White attempted to discuss this and… guess what, the very same thing happened. The important part of all of this is that through it all, William Pattison/Eric Morse has been proclaiming again and again that he is scared of no one and that it is we that should be scared of him… yet he runs from us every chance he gets.  Funny that huh big man?  Also of note, we are not “ganging up” on him… I made my post independently of anyone else, Alex responded like he did because he was frustrated at how this two faced braggart was acting and Mike… well William Pattison/Eric Morse kept calling Mike a “little bitch” so did you really expect him to stay out of it? Now, ANYONE that says ANYTHING negative about him gets deleted and banned quickly followed by another statement of how he has “taken down webpages and conventions” and how we should all cower at his feet.

This is not about ‘The Wolf Pack’ though, although that grouping of fools is very swiftly burning out all by itself, I am only using that as my example of how the internet allows for such false bravado when in fact the very opposite is what is being enacted. The actions of William Pattison/Eric Morse are endemic of a larger issue that the internet is simply inundated with, that of the (illusionary) power to control ones specific reality.  I have written on this before so I will not waste space reiterating all of that, but I will add this; by proclaiming to be big such a huge man in horror and thinking he is friends with extremely highly placed people in hollywood yet having all of 26 followers to his facebook and twitter pages, having less than 2000 hits total to his blog of over a year and boasting about how dangerous he is all the while running way, William Pattison/Eric Morse is using the internet to control his own world in a deluded attempt to make himself feel whole. I see this all to often by people incapable of dealing with the crushing reality of… reality.  If William Pattison/Eric Morse was this big man that has “taken down webpages and conventions”* then why delete all dissenting ideals? Why challenge people to take you on and then run? Why? Because this way he gets to talk a big game and boost his own standing within the fragmented workings of a diseased mind all without having to back any of it up. I have met many people in my time that are just like this, they use the internet and the ability to “interact” with people as a way to play out a power fantasy or as a means to escape a pathetic life. I am not like this, I am the same person in real life as I am here, even if that means I can’t stand to look at myself in the mirror some days, I don’t have a false face. I live in the real world of being poor, having a marriage that is all but destroyed (mostly by me) and of life shoving it’s cock up my ass every chance there is. I have no false bravado, no insecure ideals, I am the person you read and hear, but people like William Pattison/Eric Morse are scared little children that want to play with the adults and end up getting trampled in the process.

I see again and again people that talk this kind of bragging ubermensch nonsense and it makes me sick. They talk all this shit about people and when confronted they run and hide. When I interviewed Uwe Boll I told him how much I loved Postal, Rampage and even Alone In The Dark (shut up) but I also told him I thought that House Of The Dead was horrible as was Bloodryane.  I have trashed most of the Rob Zombie movie catalog but I am trying to grab and interview with the man as I think he would be a great person to just sit and talk to, at which point I will tell him how bad I thought Halloween II and Lords Of Salem were and how great I thought that The Devils Rejects and the Werewolf Women Of The SS trailer was. I had Rachel Bloom on an episode of What The Fuck!!?? and I told her that I loved some of her stuff but that I hated her newest project at at that time.  I don’t sugar coat things and I don’t pretend that everything is okay when it may not be, that said I also don’t wear a false face like so many people in both reality and on the internet do. There is that old saying which I can’t remember exactly right now, but it goes something like “Beware what false face you wear, you may end up becoming that face”.  Why do you have to pretend to be something you are not? Why is being who you are so hard or is that in the age of (relative) anonymity on the internet this is all fantasy and reality is something which must be escaped and not cherished? William Pattison/Eric Morse, why do you hate yourself so much?

*All of which are running just fine as of this writing I might add.

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