I alluded to this last week as it seems I have been on a tear about plagiarism and fraud and liars that at some point I will have to take on the massive frauds that have engulfed the american people itself.   In numerous entries of Sanity Is Razor Thin I have gone after liars and thieves such as Quentin Tarantino, Adrian Lee, Faux News, ABC Television along with many others.   Lets take a look at why so many con-men like Adrian Lee or the Fox Broadcasting Network are allowed to ply their craft on you.


I posted this to facebook last week in response to a reader claiming that I was merely attacking these people (and Faux News specifically) and not allowing them to have a say that is different than my own:

Someone wrote to me the other day that I keep “attacking” Fox News in my Sanity Is Razor Thin column and they said “just because you don’t like what they say gives you no rite to make fun of them”. Ignoring the incorrect use of “rite” instead of “right” that got me thinking, was my always calling them Faux News me attacking them? YES IT WAS. They are wrong all the time, intentionally so, and I do attack them because they in turn invite attack. For fucks sake, The Onion News Network is right more than Faux News is so why the hell should I feel even the smallest twinge of remorse for the things I say about them? Faux News’ entire purpose is to disseminate lies, propaganda and rumors under the guise of “news”. They are fear mongers with an agenda, an agenda that uses their viewers weaknesses and ingrained prejudice against them. They are using you in a very real way and they do it so you don’t even know you are being used… so yes I will continue my attack on them, my attack on the ignorance they spread, my attack on their agenda and I will do so with a smile and a huge erection and I will win because truth always triumphs over lies and deceit.

 Now, after reading that and any pertinent entry in this columns past it should come as no surprise in the least that I have a high standard of what the ‘news’ should be.   You might call it idealism, ignorance of the real world or even just hysterical blindness but I liken it more to being the only man can see the signal Cable 54 is emitting.   It is really like all of you have been duped into believing that what you are seeing is absolutely real and truthful; where reality is much closer to you simply seeing the truth they allow you see, or more specifically the truth they WANT you to see.


Faux News has sued for the right to lie on the air and still call itself ‘news’.  You ignore this when they are saying something you WANT to be true, reality be damned.  Faux News has been caught falsifying documents/photos/video/text/audio on so many occasions that I honestly ponder the possibility of a signal embedded in the broadcasts themselves that nullify the rational portions of their viewers brain.   I mean it, can someone answer me as to why these blatant, unabashed and right out in the open conmen still carry weight with the mass populace?   Answer me that, please.  How many times must you be lied to and how transparent do their lies need be before you see what I see?   Is it some kind of battered woman syndrome happening here?  Stockholm Syndrome perhaps?   Is it that you simply want the lies they throw at you to be true on a level that exceeds your capacity to think rationally?  If they were a phone scam how many times would they have to take your money before you told them to STOP and reported them to the authorities?   I mean, Faux News very nearly gloats about how it’s lies and deceit have affected portions of this country and how much damage those lies have caused.   Why will you people not stand up?   What will it take to open your eyes (or your mind for that matter)?    This is not about liberal vs conservative.   This is not about Democrat vs Republican.   This is about Truth vs Lies.


Faux News are not the only conmen though, there are plenty of others and just like with Faux News you want the lies to be the truth so badly that you are blinded to anything but.   Look at the Adrian Lee situation I have been talking about.   This FRAUD and LIAR has been sending women in his service to post negative things about myself and those others who are in the process of exposing him… to what end?   To further his image as a victim; a victim that he not only is not but also a false victim the same as those that throw themselves down the stairs in an effort to gain sympathy.    You are more credible when you are seen as the victim.  Faux News likes do as well with their constant claims of being the casualty of a war waged on them as an organization rather then the truth which is the war they themselves wage on the facts.

There are street conmen, political conmen, government conmen, literary conmen, video conmen, religious conmen and another 3 dozen nouns that could be followed by conmen.   They see you as a mark, a rube, a target… someone they can mold into the perfect strawman.  You can see that the 3 Card Monte dealer on the street corner is conman yet you can’t see that media darlings are as well… I don’t get it.   How can you be so open to the threat next to you in proximity but not on the threat to your mind?  How do you allow this brainwashing when human nature itself is designed to sense threats?   Do you want to be a real person or just another piece of a great lie?  Do you want to see something real before you die or just the ass of the lemming before you?


Religion is a great con that gets traction in such a way that it, in and of itself, is potentially the greatest prank ever committed.   Religion wants you to believe in things provable to be false, things your own senses tell you to be false, things that the rational parts of your brain KNOW to be false… and you let them.   You let them control you.  You let them chip away at you.   You let them take away that most valuable gift that nature has bestowed upon us as a race… rational thought.   You not only let them do this to you, you both encourage as well as allow it in some kind of pseudo-cathartic acceptance of your own weakness’ as a person.   You made yourself a mark to them, you allowed this to happen and the greatest trick that religion plays on you is that you don’t even know you were tricked.   THAT is the goal of every great conman/fraudulent organization.

Scientology is the Faux News of “faiths”.   Scientology was LITERALLY a “religion” founded out of desperation by a pulp scifi hack on a bet.  Yes, a bet.   Hubbard was hanging out with some other writers in a bar and he was bet that he could not create a religion… shortly thereafter Scientology was born.   Now, knowing that, and KNOWING FOR A FACT that the very precepts of this “religion” come from a Science Fiction story written by it’s founder, why would you actually believe anything in Scientology?   Say what you will about Catholicism or Jewish religions, at least they pretended that they were based on something more substantial, something less transparently false.   Yet Scientology is a massive “religion” that makes no attempt to hide it’s nefarious deeds, it’s backroom deals, it’s harassment of critics* and it’s illegal tactics.   You still think it’s real though and that brings me back to the point of how are you all this blind?


If you refuse to see that the emperor is nekkid will you at least see that (in theory anyway) even being associated with frauds will have an adverse effect on you as well?   Those that ally themselves with frauds will be demolished alongside those frauds when the hammer finally lands and yet so many people simply can not fathom such an event.   When Adrian Lee finally implodes, the cheap little radio network that he is on will feel it too.   When Faux News finally gets so top heavy with bullshit that it falls and breaks, all of those under it will be crushed as well.   When Scientology finally takes that step to far and gets obliterated and relegated to the cult that it is, all of those associated with it will burn as well.     I would say that frauds always get found out and in that I am correct, but it seems that today even when they are found out… no one cares so…

*I hope I am now added to that list of critics that they come after, I welcome a good fight.

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